Book cover showing three women

The past, it can haunt you . . . it can consume you.

Three Women
Three Stories
One summer changes everything.

For Ashleigh, the past has held her heart hostage.

For Emily, the past has kept her from moving on.

For Amanda, the past has a hypnotic hold on her mind.

These three women are at a crossroads.

Is love possible?

Is this the chance to start over?

Will they embrace the storms in their life, or are they doomed to make the same mistakes?

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Book cover with man in a suit with shirt opened several buttons


My Fairy Godmother had a wicked sense of humor, of that I was certain.

The first time I met Jackson Hart, I was on all fours with my ass in the air.

At the time of our meet not so cute, I didn’t know that the handsome man with the most captivating blue eyes was the wealthy, charismatic, and hot as sin hotelier, oh and my new boss.

Well, technically he is my boss’s boss. Just skimming the company manual was maybe not the best idea.

But, I digress. Working at Hart Hotels & Spa was a temporary plan.

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Book cover showing a couple on a football field


One minute we were a family of four—then, in the blink of an eye, half of my world was gone.

Nearly two years after I received the phone call that changed my life forever, we’re living in a new town and facing new opportunities.

All I want is to be a strong parent for my son and build a good life. I’m still fighting to figure out how to be okay. Falling for someone? Not in the cards for me. I had my happily ever after.

Until he appears.

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Man in crisp, white dress shirt and jacket

A country in crisis.

A palace with deep secrets.

A monarchy under pressure.

Crown Prince of Sardones, Ander Nicholas Gabriel Camran was my childhood best friend.

Until he wasn’t.

Nicholas was the boy who played hide-and-seek with me inside the palace walls. The pre-teen who taught me how to play the piano. The teen who snuck me into the kitchen at midnight for ice cream sundaes.

My first crush. My first kiss.

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Double Contact Filler Cover


As a professional baseball player, women have never been a challenge.

Until I met her.

Brunette. Beautiful. Vivacious.

Just as I’m ready to take my shot, my teammate jock blocks me.