Tequila + Tonic Cocktail (from DOUBLE CONTACT)

Tequila and Tonic

And I’ll never forget the first time she smiled at me.

“What’s the drink special tonight,” she asks the bartender.

The sweetness of her voice makes me swallow hard.

“Patio Punch. It’s got blue liqueur, peach schnapps . . .”

“No thanks.”

“You want a cosmopolitan instead?”

She glares at him. It’s subtle. He doesn’t notice, but I do. She shifts on her heel, and a stunning light surrounds her. She’s mesmerizing, something about her that makes me want to know everything about her.

The gorgeous woman swings her gaze to me. “What are you drinking?”

“Oh this, you wouldn’t like this drink. It’s tequila.” I point to my glass. “And it’s a terrible idea.”

She smiles at me. A slow, sexy, heart-stopping smile. “Tequila is always an excellent idea. I’ll take whatever he’s drinking.”

“One tequila and tonic coming up.”

“Too many of those can lead to trouble,” I warn.

“Are you trouble, Manning? Should I worry?”

She knows my name and that’s a good sign. My heart pounds at the way my name sounds on her lips. I lick my lips and swallow hard. Women never shake me. But this one has me off my axis.

“You a baseball fan—” I pause, hoping she’ll give me her name.

“Lark,” she announces with a slow smile. “Yeah, I’m a fan of baseball.”

“Here’s your drink.” The bartender slides the drink in front of her.

Lark grins with an arched eyebrow. “Great, thanks.” She lifts the glass to her mouth and takes a sip.

“Well, how does it taste?”

“Refreshing . . . a little tart and delicious.” She licks the salt from her lips. “Thanks for the drink suggestion.”

“My pleasure, do you want to—”

-Brenner, Double Contact 

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