That time Ronan sent Holliday Flowers, Teaser 2, unScripted

The waitress at the café came over and asked if they were ready for their table, and Ronan said yes. He asked if she could take the girls to the table, saying he would be right there. I started to walk away when he gently touched my arm. Again, electricity twirled up my spine and back down. I was standing so close to him that I could feel the heat radiating off his skin.

“Holliday a moment, please?”

I nodded, speaking tightly, “What can I do for you Mr. Connolly?”

It felt like minutes before he spoke. He stood there looking at me, gripping my arm as if he was unable to formulate the words. I needed anything to ease this obvious fiery tension between us. I considered pressing my body against his and letting him know it was okay for him to kiss me and all would be forgiven.

“Ronan, please,” he said and then cleared his throat. “Did you get the flowers I sent?”

“Oh, those were from you?”

He pulled back slightly, letting go of the grip he had on my arm. “I asked them to attach a card.” He shoved his hands in his pockets and shrugged.

“I know. I didn’t read it.”

Ronan took a step closer to me, whispering in my ear, “Read the card, Holliday.” When he leaned into me, I closed my eyes and felt my heart leap into my throat. I felt his warm minty breath on my ear. Ronan walked away, and I let out a deep sigh. I watched him all the way until he took a seat with his daughters. They looked so happy. Maybe he was a good guy after all. It was quite clear he was a terrific dad.

The card Ronan sent with the flowers didn’t say what I’d expected. It simply said: SOME PEOPLE COME IN YOUR LIFE AS BLESSINGS, AND OTHERS COME IN YOUR LIFE AS LESSONS.

An Irish proverb I assumed.

I flipped it over to find he had written: YOU ARE BOTH FOR ME.

Just when I thought I had Ronan Connolly all figured out, he managed to surprise me.


unScripted by Christy Pastore © 2014

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