Second Teaser From Fifteen Weekends

Amanda woke up dazed. Sweat was running down the back of her neck and chest. There was an empty vodka bottle on the nightstand. Sunlight filled the room.

Why the hell are the goddamn blinds open?

She never slept with the blinds open. Amanda looked at the clock. It was nearly one in the afternoon. Her eyes widened, and she reached for her phone which had three missed calls, all from The Bath Shop. Trying to sit up she was dizzy and her head ached. She fell back onto the pillow and closed her eyes.

The long black cocktail dress was crumpled on the floor. The diamond earrings Vince gifted her with were still in her ears. They were heavy and stinging her earlobes. She tried to open her eyes and focus. Looking around the room she noticed she was not at home, not in her bed and not feeling well. Staring at the ceiling, she felt her insides churning. Her heart was pounding, and her thighs and abs hurt. What the hell was going on? Amanda was totally confused and sick to her stomach. Mustering enough strength she darted to what she thought could be the bathroom. Lucky for her she was correct. Flipping up the lid to the toilet she began vomiting. When she was finished she collapsed onto the floor. The cold tile felt so good against her warm skin.

┬ęChristy Pastore, 2014

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Christy Pastore

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