Not Quite A Novella, but HEY this is Pretty Cool

SPOILERS. If you have not read Fifteen Weekends in its entirety you should stop reading this now.

A Note From Me: Regarding The Weekend Before I Do 

The Weekend Before I Do was intended to be a full-length novella released this spring/summer {2015}. However, I’ve decided to divide up the not quite a novella into a few short stories FREE here on my blog and offer them to you, my fantastic readers, as a THANK YOU!

You will not want to skip reading this bonus collection of excerpts/stories. Questions will be answered regarding Amanda, Vince and Alex! Liam meets up with one of his good friends and introduces him to Ashleigh. You will be able to catch up with Emily and Ethan in Fifteen Weekends Later.

When I published Fifteen Weekends I never realized so many of you would fall in love with the characters and want more.


At the close of Fifteen Weekends, you find Ashleigh and Liam needing to leave London as Liam has been offered an incredible job opportunity in New York City. Amanda is holed up in Vince’s New York apartment dealing with her shocking pregnancy news. She has no idea who the father is, and it seems that she has not spoken to Alex in weeks. Emily is on the mend, out of her coma and on her way to London with Ethan for Ashleigh and Liam’s engagement weekend celebration. To her shock and disbelief she runs into Craig at the airport but has no idea that Ashleigh knew Craig was alive and well. {uh-oh!}


A few months ago I released a sneak peek for The Weekend Before I Do – the Prologue, which takes place on Ashleigh and Liam’s Engagement Weekend. If you missed it click here.

Here are a few of the questions I’ve received over the past few months in regards to the stories:

Amanda Parsons

  • Who will Amanda pick – Vince or Alex?
  • Who is her baby daddy?
  • Does Vince find out about the affair?
  • What skeletons does Vince have in his closet? {I can answer that right now: None! Vince is just a workaholic who seems to be better at business relationships than personal ones.}

Ashleigh Preston

  • How will Ashleigh and Liam deal with married life?
  • What happens at their wedding? {Find out in Fifteen Weekends Later}
  • Will they live happily ever after in New York City or move back to London? {Could be an interesting storyline.}
  • Is there a baby on the way for Ashleigh and Liam? {You never know.}
  • I want to hear from Liam. I need his POV asap. {Not really questions, but I can entertain the idea.}

Emily Greene

  • Where has Craig been?
  • Where has Craig been?
  • Where has Craig been? {I know, and it’s very interesting.}
  • What will Emily do? {Find out in Fifteen Weekends Later 🙂 }

Here is what you can expect in the Fifteen Weekends Short Stories:

First, you will hear from all the characters. Second, you will get answers to the most important questions regarding Amanda, Vince and Alex’s situation.

Fifteen Weekends Later picks up on Ashleigh and Liam’s wedding day. And, as of right now, everything seems to be coming from Emily’s POV in the writing process. However, I get the feeling Ethan and Craig have a few things they’d like to say as well.

So that’s what’s new with me! How about you?

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for more from the Fifteen Weekends crew!

Xo ~ Christy


Christy Pastore ©2015

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