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I tried to start this column last year and the year before – needless to say, I failed. Now, I have a couple of posts that are fresh in my thought catalog, and I wanted to share my opinions, notes, and experiences. Because, let’s face it – most great conversations start at the bar with libations in hand.

The end of year wrap up is always an exciting time, especially with the “Best of” and “Most Anticipated” lists.  Celebrity. Fashion. Music. Entertainment. It all rocks. As you know –> I love lists.

The Indie publishing world is no exception. In December I was featured in a voting category for: “Most Anticipated Read for 2017,” and  Bound to Me was listed in just one of many sets in the overall category.  It’s no surprise that there are a ton of books coming out in 2017! Without question I was up against some tough competition. There were three names listed with mine that I instantly recognized and a few that I did not. Immediately I headed to Amazon and Goodreads and looked up the names of the authors that I did not recognize. I was curious to read the blurbs for their upcoming release, read their bios, and peruse their bookshelves.

Why? To simply know more. I wanted to be informed.

When I returned to the voting category, I started to read the comments. At this point I was in “second place” technically but still a hefty number of votes behind the leader. I never expect to win a poll, it’s truly an honor to be nominated or included. The mere thought that someone out there is looking forward to reading Bound to Me was a humbling reminder that as an author I was on someone’s radar. YAY! But, let’s be honest, to win is always an honor, too.

I digress.

A lot of the comments said: “I don’t know any of these authors/people/books.”

Hmm. Well that’s disappointing, but it’s also a huge opportunity. An opportunity for these readers to discover new books and new ‘to you’ authors.

I commented on the post: “Thank you very much for including me.”

More comments flooded in, and one in particular punched me right in the feels: “Well, if you don’t know who any of the names on the list are just vote for ‘Popular Author.’

Say what, now?

On some level I knew that would be the case. You hope it won’t be, but word of mouth is the greatest form of advertising for creating excitement and generating buzz. And this author has a huge presence. That is a wonderful thing!

So what is my point to all of this? Well if you haven’t guessed by  now this is my: “Woe Is Me” post.

Just kidding, it’s not at all.

Adobe Spark

As most of you know I started my writing career in fashion and celebrity entertainment. One of the things that has always stuck with me is to never be a trend follower. Although some trends are unavoidable and never go out of style because they’re awesome, like a Chanel flap-bag, a classy strand of pearls, black lace panties, or a killer pair of ‘come f*ck me heels.’

AND we can always add more.

In the spirit of resolutions, I offer this: In 2017 consider becoming a trendsetter instead of a trend follower. If you see a brand, a name, or say even a book title that you don’t recognize take a few moments to find out more.

Christy Pastore

Author of Fifteen Weekends and Amazon Best-Selling unScripted (Romantic Erotica, Erotica Fiction and Holiday Romance.) Founder of FWU, Wife, Friend, Handbag Addict, Accent Slut, #RonanMaker Adores run on sentences, men in suits & wine. You can read about me here:

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