Frisky Friday Book Recommendation: Perfect Plans by C.J. Wells

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PErfect“Perfect Plans” by C.J. Wells

Summary: He’s the ultimate fantasy crush. You’ve seen him on the big screen – the fantasy man you cheat on your husband with; the man you never expect to meet… But what if you did?

Every woman fantasizes about ‘what if’ at some point in her marriage; lost in dreams of something MORE. Abigail Ryan takes a leap that most women would envy. Abandoning her seemingly perfect life in Canada, she moves to London, England, and falls into the lap of Alexander Tate – every woman’s fantasy crush. Her perfect plan unfolds to a world where reality meets dreams, and dreams meet reality; throwing her into a tail-spin of self-doubt and public scrutiny.

Alex Tate wants nothing more than to escape the dream-world in which he lives; his desire for love, marriage and family, with all of its real-world normalcy out of his world-famous reach.

Aby and Alex face the obstacles of their own realities, now intertwined, before succumbing to their questionable fates.

Are you ready to fall into your fantasy, when reality lurks right outside the door?

My Thoughts:

FIRST OF ALL – I HIGHLY recommend this book!!! Author{s} C.J. Wells hits it out of the park with a home run in “Perfect Plans”. The story of Aby Ryan, reaching out from her otherwise dull or imperfect life to fill her “tall bill” and find her HEA, is one of romantic and “how can this be happening to me” fantasies. Literally falling into the the graces of Alex Tate, Aby gets more than she bargained for with a simple act of fate. Even the secondary characters maintain a fabulous part in this sexy tale with twists and turns you won’t see coming.

The story is witty, humorous and boldly written. The sex scenes are even HOTTER! You’ll need a tall drink to cool you off when Aby and Alex starting heating up the pages with their wildly delicious OMG {jaw-dropping fans self} ROMPS everywhere.

HOT HOT HOT READ. Thank you C.J. Wells for giving us Alex Tate to dream about! It’s not hard to see why Henry Cavill was the PERFECT MUSE for Alexander Tate The Great. BRAVO! Cannot wait for “TAKE A BOW.”

Side note: There is a very specific reason Henry Cavill was selected as the muse for Alex Tate. Check out this SINFULLY HOT Fan Made Book Trailer for “Perfect Plans.”

You can find Authors, C.J. Wells on Facebook and Twitter. Purchase “Perfect Plans” on Amazon and Kobo Books. Visit their website for updates and teasers!

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2 comments on “Frisky Friday Book Recommendation: Perfect Plans by C.J. Wells
  1. Jill Syed says:

    You, Christy Pastore, are an incredible woman! I am so thankful and honoured to be your friend!

    Your novel, Fifteen Weekends is a fabulous as you are!

    Jilly xo

    • Hey Jilly! I love you so much! Perfect Plans is an AMAZING read! I am so glad this story of Aby and Alex was brought to life. VERY sexy and I love you and Christa’s writing style! Truly mean every word of my review!

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