Frisky Friday Book Recommendation: Moondance in Red by Salem Archer

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“Moondance in Red” by Salem Archer

Summary: MAGGIE DUPREE can’t understand why God hates her. So she’s stubborn, she curses—a lot, and maybe she plays too many practical jokes on her best friend. Nobody’s perfect. Nothing she has done should warrant the hell she received by marrying Jacob Greene. But the fiasco of her failed marriage taught her one valuable lesson: men can’t be trusted—especially the good ol’ boy types growing in abundance in her home town. With new-found independence, she resolves to remain single. There’s just one major kink in her plan.

Gorgeous and arrogant billionaire MASON REID has no trouble getting women and no desire to keep them. Thanks to a hard lesson learned from one vicious little gold-digger, he hasn’t had a meaningful relationship in two years. With no way to be sure if women want him or the money, he’s content with an easy routine of one-night-stands—that is, until he meets Maggie Dupree.

Neither can deny the intense attraction at their chance meeting, and once Mason becomes the target of Maggie’s spirited foul-mouthed rant, all bets are off. He concludes two things: one, he must have her and two, he doesn’t want her to know about his money.

My Thoughts:

Moondance in Red is one of the best new romances I have read this year by a debut Indie Author. Salem Archer has a knack for writing delicious details and fantastic sharp-tongued, swoon-worthy dialogue.

What I loved most about this book were the poignant details of Southern life in the United States – from family values and relationships to good Southern cooking. Seriously, I wanted to eat buttered biscuits and gravy everyday and coconut ice cream – this is on my grocery list now. I will find you coconut ice cream.

Maggie Dupree, WOW what a heroine! I love her… she is strong, smart and sassy. When the story begins you find Maggie trying to bounce back from a terrible marriage from a man who seemed to think they were living in the time where a woman’s place was in the kitchen – barefoot and pregnant. You find out that Maggie pretty much got the old “bait and switch” with Jacob Green once they were married. So, naturally, Maggie is guarded where men are concerned, but a chance meeting with sexy Mason Reid stirs something inside her. And who can blame her?


Mason Reid … oh my oh my… OH MY GOD.. the man has all the things I love in a sexy leading man.. handsome… he’s a touch mysterious… a “bit” confident, although some may mistake confidence for arrogance {Maggie}…There is so much more to him than Maggie even realizes, and that is what makes this story come to life. You also get a few chapters from Mason’s POV, which was woven in at just the right times.

The relationship develops so naturally between Maggie and Mason…you cannot help rooting for these two and wanting more. From beginning to end you are caught up in the romance, the passion {No wonder they call it the “Dirty South”} and the drama….real life drama with fabulous jaw-dropping – “I did not see that coming” twists and turns making the story completely relatable.

Archer’s writing is flawless, engaging and nothing short of entertaining. Once you start reading you won’t want to stop.

Holy swoontastic! This book is a MUST READ… drop what your doing now and pick up this book… TRUST ME!

Well Done Salem Archer. I look forward to reading MUCH more from you.

You can find Author, Salem Archer on Facebook and Twitter. Purchase “Moondance in Red” on Amazon. Visit her website for updates and teasers!

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