Fourth Teaser From Fifteen Weekends

Extended Teaser Scene: Amanda Parsons meets Vince Everett…

amanda heels loubies redo

Amanda walked over to the wall of shoes adjacent from sportswear section. There, amongst the worn tennis shoes, snow boots and gently scratched patent heels, sat a pair of black spiked Christian Louboutin heels. Amanda checked the size. She could not believe her good fortune that they were an exact fit. Amanda’s green eyes began to widen and she ran her index finger over each one of the spikes affixed at the toe. Sliding her sherbet colored ballet flat off her right foot she delicately eased into the gorgeous shoe, feeling her stomach tingle at the sensation of her toes as they hit the supple leather lining.

“Those stilettos look quite lovely on you,” a velvety smooth voice complimented.

Amanda turned around, slightly startled. With the height difference in the shoes, she needed to balance herself carefully. Looking up through a few of her golden blonde waves that had fallen in her face she saw the man, approximately in his early-forties, standing there smiling at her. He was insanely good-looking, tall with dark brown hair that was almost jet black, and sparkling blue eyes, the kind of blue eyes that a girl could get lost in if she stared long enough. Placing his hand on his hip, moving his grey overcoat back, he revealed his lean physique under a fitted black shirt paired with sleek black dress pants.

Wow just…wow…he’s completely—beautiful. He doesn’t need to know that, yet.

“Thank you. I think they’re pretty fabulous,” she replied sweetly.

“I’d love to buy them for you.”

“You want to buy me shoes? I don’t even know you,” Amanda stated while slipping off the flat on her left foot and putting on the matching heel.

“My name is Vince.” Introducing himself casually, while he ran his hand through his dark hair, he asked, “What is your name?”

“Amanda,” she said while gazing at her reflection in the mirror carefully examining the shoes. She stood sideways with her left-side closest to the mirror so she could view the entire heel. Amanda then switched to her right side, hyperaware that Vince’s gaze was carefully affixed on her body.

“What, do you have some sort of weird ass foot fetish?” Amanda inquired sharply as she turned around to face Vince.

Vince laughed as he took a step toward her with his shiny black oxfords. “No, I do not have a foot fetish. I simply thought the heels looked nice on you.”

“This is bizarre, this is discount style boutique. Not Bergdorf Goodman’s. I would expect this sort of scenario to happen in a nice department store, but not here.”

Inquiring seductively, Vince gave her a sly smile. “Shopping at Bergdorf Goodman’s, would that make you happy, Amanda?”

Amanda, still wearing the Louboutin’s looked Vince squarely in the eye and said, “Yes, that would make me very happy Vince.”

“Well, as much as I would love to charter a private jet to New York City and take you shopping Amanda, I cannot do that for you today. I have a dinner meeting tonight.”

“What makes you think I would let you jet me off to New York City for a pair of shoes?” she asked coldly. In her mind she was doing back-flips and screaming that a handsome man with money wanted to buy her shoes! Amanda knew this game and she had no shame about it.


Wonder what happens next? What is Vince’s angle? What is Amanda’s game?

“Fifteen Weekends”


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©Christy Pastore, 2014

Christy Pastore

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  1. Carolyn Waddell says:

    You know this is my fave Christy!! Vince is my new BBF!!
    The girls are going to love him!!

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