First Teaser From Fifteen Weekends

Scene: This is what happened when Ashleigh laid eyes on Liam for the first time…

Liam teaser redo

The Corinthia Hotel’s grand re-opening was a lovely affair. The two-hundred ninety four room hotel was once home to the Ministry of Defense. It was hard not to notice Liam standing at the end of the sleek marble bar in The Northall. He was wearing a midnight navy suit with contrasting notch lapels and ordered a martini “shaken not stirred.” He walked right up to the bar and ordered the martini James Bond style. That just happened! Seated two seats away from where he was standing, Ashleigh found this to be amusing and laughed quietly to herself while looking in Liam’s direction. He caught her eyes on him and winked at her. Liam approached her smiling, but Ashleigh spoke first. “Why Mr. Bond, I would have never guessed you’d order a martini.”

“Why Mrs. Kensington you know it’s my bag baby,” his voice purred with a gritty tone.

The pair of strangers found this exchange of Hollywood cinematic quotes to be quite humorous. Ashleigh took a sip of her cocktail, the Northall Bramble, a gin sour drink with a sweet mix of blackberries, raspberries, orange and lemon juice.

“My name is Ashleigh. It’s nice to meet you,” she said, giving him a sweet smile with her hazel eyes beaming.

“Liam, Liam Frost,” he said adjusting his ink black tie, in his very best James Bond voice (Connery not Brosnan). He extended his hand to meet hers. A wave of heat rushed over Ashleigh’s skin. Electric pulses radiated through her core at his touch. Her eyes darted to the sculpted curve of his mouth, and she wondered what it would be like to kiss this tall drink of water.

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