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Here’s what people are saying about Fifteen Weekends ! “Five Stars…”Fifteen Weekends” is the Perfect Summer Read.” + “Could not put it down!

“FIVE Addicting Stars… It {Fifteen Weekends} is the debut novel by Christy Pastore but you would never, ever be able to tell. Her writing is so well perfected, detailed and fresh.” ~ The Truth About Fiction Blog

“The characters are as well described as their stories. You will see a bit of yourself in one, or all three, leading ladies. And the men…three leading men – PLUS an additional two more supporting characters – tantalize our senses, making it difficult to choose just one favourite!” ~ C J Wells, Amazon Best Selling Author{s} of “Perfect Plans

“So yes, there are three main women in this story and each of them has their own story.  Telling each story through their different points of view was brilliant.  Your attention to details made each one of their stories more realistic and enjoyable to read.” ~ Reading Between The Wines Blog

“Very unique stylistic choice and it works. Part Pulp Fiction and part Six Degrees of Separation, Pastore weaves together the lives and loves of three woman and their very different alpha men to paint a steamy portrait of the complexities of modern love.” ~ Susan Ward, Amazon Best Selling Author of “The Signature

“The author beings a fresh voice to contemporary romance. Ms. Pastore also has an incredible eye for detail and description which draws you right into the story.” ~ The Book Bellas

“This debut novel is adventurous, witty, and intertwines mystery and romance.  You will blush, you will gasp, you will fall in love with Fifteen Weekends.” ~Pen Name Publishing

Fifteen Weekends… Three stories that will keep you on edge and guessing until the end. When you buy it just make sure you have cleared your day…Just trust me on this one.” ~ Andrea Joan, Indie Author

“Fifteen Weekends…A tale of revenge and forgiveness, of changing and moving on. It’s a real, human romance novel, with salty, bitter, and sweet rain.” ~ Words, Notes & Fiction, Blog

“Very rich and sumptuous with lavish details. You’re going to love it!! The hardest part is choosing your fantasy man!” ~ Carolyn Waddell

“I’m so excited about this new series the Christy Pastore has created! Not only did she create women who were strong, smart and independent, but allowed for plenty of growth in their lives. In addition to these women, she offers us several very sexy, robust men. The combination is explosive!” ~ For the Love of Books & Alcohol Blog 

“The fluidity with which Christy transitioned from one heroine to the next was fantastic and kept me engaged and intrigued as to what would happen next.” ~ Christa Gibbs, Indie Author Perfect Plans”

“Great debut novel! Christy Pastore has a knack for personal detail that sets you right into the scenarios you are reading about.” ~Leigh Raines

“All in all there were so many ups and downs that it felt like a ride on a roller-coaster. But it was totally worth this ride!I really loved it {Fifteen Weekends} and I’ll definitely read it again and again and again!” ~Alice K.

“I loved the book from the beginning…3 different stories tied into one!! I couldn’t put this book down and it was a well deserved book hangover!!” Brandae L.

“Summer is simmering in Fifteen Weekends. The characters are well developed and each scene is painted in detail, making it easy to visualize the whole story unfold.” ~ Rachel Blaufeld, Amazon Best Selling Author of “Electrified”

“Sexy twist that will leave you wanting more! I absolutely loved this book! The perfect combination of sexiness, laughter, love, and twist!” ~ Fabiola Francisco, Indie Author “Perfectly Imperfect”

“Excellent read with lots of delicious details! You don’t see the twists coming! It’s a must read!” ~ Christy A.

“This book kept me on the edge of my seat,wanting to read more! I can’t wait for the next book. This is a must read!!!!” ~ Danielle H. 

“All I can say really is wow! Normally I am not a fan of multiple stories tied into one. However, with this book it all tied together smoothly.”  ~Smutty Book Friends Blog

“You know how much fun it is to get lost in the interwoven lives of the great ensemble cast of your favorite television show? Well, reading Fifteen Weekends is just like that. Excited anticipation that builds for next week’s show is what I felt at the end of each chapter.” ~ Salem Archer, Indie Author “Moondance in Red


Christy Pastore

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