End of Year Giveaway ~ Kandi Steiner

Happy New Year’s Eve!

It’s hard to believe that we are saying goodbye to 2017.

DAY EIGHT of the End of Year Giveaway! Just a reminder, there is only ONE Winner, so don’t skip a day! In case you missed yesterday’s post, click here.

Kandi Steiner is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. This year I had the honor of attending two book signings with her in Sarasota and Denver! When Kandi isn’t writing, she’s reading. She loves music, craft beers, and beach days.

Here’s the scoop on Weightless

I remember the lights.

I remember I wanted to photograph them, the way the red and blue splashed across his cold, emotionless face. But I knew even if my feet could move from the place where they had cemented themselves to the ground and I could run for my camera, I wouldn’t be able to capture that moment.

I had trusted him, I had loved him, and even though my body had changed that summer, he’d made sure to help me hold on to who I was inside, regardless of how the exterior altered.

But then everything changed.

He stole my innocence. He scarred my heart. He took everything I thought I knew about my life and fast-pitched it out the window, shattering the glass that held my world together in the process.

I remember the lights.

The passionate, desperate, hot strikes of red. The harsh, cruel, icy bolts of blue.

They symbolized everything I endured that summer.

And everything I would never face again.

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To Grab Another Entry for the End of Year Giveaway

1. Share your best memory from 2017.

Good Luck! Come back tomorrow for another chance to win.

Christy Pastore

Author of Fifteen Weekends and Amazon Best-Selling unScripted (Romantic Erotica, Erotica Fiction and Holiday Romance.) Founder of FWU, Wife, Friend, Handbag Addict, Accent Slut, #RonanMaker Adores run on sentences, men in suits & wine. You can read about me here: http://christypastore-author.com/

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16 comments on “End of Year Giveaway ~ Kandi Steiner
  1. Alice Kramer says:

    I got a permanent employment contract at the university library! My absolutely dream job ever! Now I can there FOREVER! ♡

  2. Sandy McMahon says:

    Most of my large Irish family was together on Christmas…we were able to get 23 of us together even with bad weather ☘️

  3. Pam Hager says:

    Seeing my daughter finish her 5k with Girls on the Run.

  4. Heather Merriman says:

    My husband was working near Folly Beach all Summer so we made many great memories at the beach!! Sad that he’s leaving Charleston soon!
    I also went on a family trip to Mexico Beach and had an amazing time!

  5. Irma says:

    Being on vacations with my hubby and daughter is my favourite. We had the most relaxing week in 2017, lol. Swimming, reading, lying down doing nothing,… Can’t wait for the next one.

  6. Sarah Scholz says:

    We adopted a new cat 😊🐱💜 She is such a sweet- natured cat. 😊

  7. Jenny Perron says:

    Our girls trip to the beach and my new tattoo!

  8. Michelle Monroe says:

    Hard to choose a best memory, but ill say seeing my granddaughters face on Christmas morning. This year was the forst time I be been able to spend Christmas morning with her. Amd y daughter in 3 years she hasnt been here. It was a good day!

  9. Lea says:

    Summer vacation with hubby and kids!

  10. Alicia Argenti says:

    Finally figuring out what was causing my body pain and getting it taken care of. Also finding other ways to help overcome some residual health problems that came from that issue.

  11. Cat Wright says:

    My favourite memory is watching my Twin Nephews Harry and Jack grow and learn. They were born in November of 2016 so
    All through 2017 they have grown from babies to toddlers crawled for the first time got their first teeth..and recently started walking. They have been such a blessing and my favourite times have been when they have been with me.

  12. Marianela Lema says:

    My oldest daughter turn 16 in 2017 it was a really stressful crazy time but her party was amazing and everything we did was totally worth it!!!!

  13. Mari Ann says:

    A day trip to Martha’s Vineyard with my daughter & hubby

  14. Jess Malatesta says:

    I reconnected with my best friend from high school!

  15. Kimberly Gonzales says:

    The day my husband brought home his retirement reward from the Army. After 23 years of service he signed out in November. ❤

  16. Odette says:

    Getting a full time job. I was worried after college I wouldn’t get one… But I did! Time to be an adult. 😀

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