End of Year Giveaway ~ Cary Hart

Happy Hump Day, Friends!

DAY FOUR of the End of Year Giveaway! Just a reminder, there is only ONE Winner, so don’t skip a day! In case you missed today’s earlier post, click here.

Today, the spotlight will include THREE Authors → A few of my After Hours Book House Pals. Next up, I’d like you to meet, Cary Hart→ Coffee Drinker, Cookie Maker, and Spotify Addict.

Here’s the scoop on Love Divide

What happens when something you were not looking for comes along, and it’s more than you ever could have imagined?

Changing you.

How do you live with yourself when you look in the mirror and don’t recognize the broken reflection staring back? Because it makes you do things that you never expected you were capable of.

Will a heart that’s been torn in two pieces keep on beating? I’m about to find out.

Love Divided. The decision should be easy… it isn’t.

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To grab another entry in the End of Year Giveaway:

1. In the comments, tell me, how do you take your coffee?

Check out Cary’s next release, Love Conquerhere.

Good Luck! Thanks for participating!

Christy Pastore

Author of Fifteen Weekends and Amazon Best-Selling unScripted (Romantic Erotica, Erotica Fiction and Holiday Romance.) Founder of FWU, Wife, Friend, Handbag Addict, Accent Slut, #RonanMaker Adores run on sentences, men in suits & wine. You can read about me here: http://christypastore-author.com/

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24 comments on “End of Year Giveaway ~ Cary Hart
  1. Jenny Perron says:

    I think I might be alone in this but I hate coffee! Can’t even stand the smell of it! 😊

  2. Echo Hart says:

    I take my coffee black! 😁

  3. Pam Hager says:

    I take it black. Every once on awhile flavored creamer.

  4. Pam Hager says:

    I take it black. Every once in awhile flavored creamer.

  5. Niki Sass says:

    Coffee is gold!! Gold man … Gold!! ❤

  6. B.J. Bernal says:

    Lots of sugar and creamer

  7. Alice Kramer says:

    I don’t drink any coffee. I prefer tea with sugar. 😉

  8. Irma says:

    Coffee, yes! I love mine with milk and no sugar.

  9. Leanne Brenchley says:

    My fav coffee drink is White Chocolate Mocha. Everyday coffee is half a teaspoon with milk, no sugar

  10. Teri Hicks says:

    I enjoy some caramel and southern butter pecan cream, sometimes Ghirardelli white chocolate. Fresh ground beans of course

  11. Alicia Argenti says:

    I don’t drink coffee.

  12. Megan Allen says:

    I actually hate coffee.. I know i know!

  13. Donna Reynolds says:

    With vanilla or hazelnut creamer.

  14. Susan Rees says:

    I like my coffee with just a little milk. ☕️

  15. Tiffany Johnson says:

    Dark roast with cream and sugar

  16. Lea says:

    I don’t drink coffee.

  17. Maybelis says:

    I take my creamer with some coffee, let’s just put it that way 😅

  18. Sarah Scholz says:

    With flavored liquid creamer ☕

  19. Cat Wright says:

    I dont drink Coffee
    I am a cuppa tea gal.
    Following Cary
    Thankyou so much for the chance xx

  20. Heather Merriman says:

    With coconut cream creamer

  21. Michelle Monroe says:

    With Creamer amd a little Truvia (no suagar for me lol)

  22. Kimberly Gonzales says:

    I take it sweet and creamy. I try different types all the time. I have even tried it black. Coffee is life!

  23. Odette says:

    Two creams and one pack of sugar.

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