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The 411 on me, #MyWritingProcessBlogHop

My Writing Process is an ongoing blog hop where a writer answers four [everyday] basic questions about their writing process… and then is asked to pass the baton to another author or two. My girl, Rachel Blaufeld, Author of “Electrified” asked me

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Both Sides of the Beta Reader Coin

Beta reader (also referred to as betas) is not a commonly used term outside the writing community. It’s not unusual for me to answer questions from non-writer friends who have never heard the term before. Everyone understands beta testers. Software

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Frisky Friday Book Recommendation: Electrified by Rachel Blaufeld

When I’m not writing,  I’m reading…  You can view my Goodreads profile and click on “currently reading.” “Electrified” by Rachel Blaufeld Summary: Everyone knows her as Sienna Flower. Her curves and long lashes tease and taunt from her very own

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unScripted Playlist

Inspirational music for unScripted

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Fifteen Weekends Playlist

Inspirational music for Fifteen Weekends

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