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Dispelling Those Pesky Romantic Rumors

Quite frequently Romance Writers endure an onslaught of misconceptions from naysayers, internet trolls and your typical Mean Girls/Boys.  I know every genre takes their share of light ribbing to unwelcome servings of hater aid. However, since my bread and butter

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Fourth Teaser From Fifteen Weekends

Extended Teaser Scene: Amanda Parsons meets Vince Everett… Amanda walked over to the wall of shoes adjacent from sportswear section. There, amongst the worn tennis shoes, snow boots and gently scratched patent heels, sat a pair of black spiked Christian

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Cover Reveal: Fifteen Weekends and An Exciting Announcement

Check out the cover for Fifteen Weekends, my debut novel that follows the lives of Ashleigh Preston, Emily Greene, and Amanda Parsons as they embark on journeys to overcome what is behind them in hopes of starting anew. In case

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Third Teaser From Fifteen Weekends

Scene: Emily makes a bold proposition to Ethan… Wonder what happens next? Sure you do. “Fifteen Weekends” BUY LINKS: Amazon US —> Amazon UK —> Amazon CA —> Amazon AU —> B&N —> ¬©Christy Pastore,

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